Returned from California

So last December my wife Deb and I went out to Cali to take a short vacation without the kids (parents please insert loud “AMEN” here).  We went to visit some friends from college who now live just outside of San Francisco. We had dinner with our friend Jeremy and Jaci the last night that we were there and they invited a couple that they knew from their church. All 6 of us had a great time of eating, telling stories, and reminiscing about old times. Approximately 2 months later I received a phone call from Jessie (Jeremy’s friend) from out in Cali and he wanted to fly both Deb and I out to his wedding so I could MCee and DJ the wedding reception.

I thought to myself, sure I can handle that. Well, it turned out that Deb could not go because of her show that she’s in at Fanny Hill, but I went and had a blast. Even the mid western boy put on a pretty good show out on the West coast. One thing I realized is that no matter where you are, all music resonates with people the same. Oldies, hip-hop, slow songs, no matter where a person lives and no matter what their age…..everyone loves those genres. I had an excellent time in Cali.

The trip out certainly was interesting. Since the airlines are now charging $15 per bag you check in, everyone is now stuffing EVERYTHING into their carry on bags. Thus, as you can imagine…it was hilarious watching some people put everything they had into shoving their lugguge in the compartments overhead. That was really really funny.


Partner Pledge Day A Success

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Sorry, It’s Been Awhile!

This last week has been sort of crazy in the Selvig household. Deb, my wife, went to play soccer on Monday the 14th of September. She woke up in the middle of the night later that week with chest pain and serious jaw and tooth pain. She went to the Doc on Friday the 18th of September with chest pain and chest tightness only for them to take blood work which came back abnormal,  to do a CT Scan which showed what they thought there was a birth defect which was causing the shortness of breath, and for them to let us know that Deb may need heart surgery because of this heart abnormality.

Well, after seeing another specialist in Marshfield the following Thursday morning (Sept 24th) they eased our minds be telling us that heart surgery will not be needed and that there is nothing wrong with Deb’s heart. We went from worry and anxiety to praising the Lord in a matter of a few days. Deb however, was still having tooth and jaw pain. She went to the dentist last night, he found a dead root that had been infected or diseased and removed it. Yeah, pretty much a root canal….What a crazy 2 weeks. I’m just hoping I don’t break my leg crossing the street today.

Through all of this I realize again how precisely we are made. We are humans that are made in God’s image. We certainly have our issues though don’t we? Praise the Lord though, we are all still breathing, we are smiling, we are living, and that’s all we can ask for. Just thanking Him for that today and I hope you are as well.

Matt Selvig

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